Electric heating panels - the long term and effective way of heating

One of the human's basic physiolgical needs is the nice temperature. Therefore when planning buildings special attention must be turned to it. However, it is accompained by high costs as far as the investment and the operation are concerned, that is why efficiency of heating becomes a very important factor in the value of the building.

Improvement can be observed in the field of insulation of windows and doors, new sources of heat have been developed. Heating panels belong to the new sources. These are 37 mm thick and 0,25-0,5 m2 boards. They can be placed on the ceilings or they can be parts of the sunk.In contrast with the conventional ways of heating (their logic is that heat spreads upwards). Suntherm panels must be fixed on the ceiling, as they radiate heat in a different way. The traditional heating systems are supposed to warm the air of the room, and then the warmed - up air heats the walls and the articles streaming around them. According to this way, the air is always warmer than the walls and the articles.

The radiating panels transmit heat in a reversal way, first of all with radiation (7-10 µ m wavelength infrared radiation). The radiated heat originates from the high heat emission of the surface (0,94-0,98). The radiating panels - as well as the sun- warm up the walls, the articles and the people at first, then the walls and the article heat the air in the room. That is why the panels must be put on the ceiling, because in this way they can heat the maximum space.


The infrared radiation

The surface temperature of the Suntherm panels is 80-100 oC. These panels have got quality surface with a high emission factor (a = 95 - 97 %). It makes passing of energy at a maximum level possible with the necessary radiation. It is very easy to install the panels. They can be fixed on the walls or the ceiling with four bolts through the holes prepared in the frame.

The panels are joined to the elektric network with plugs, which can be found under the lid on the side of the frame. The wires run here through the holes on the back of the panels. The Suntherm panels must be put on the ceiling equally. They can be built in sunk panels.




Infrared radiant heating




Convection heating